Our Beginnings

About Lisa
“In 1990, My passion for Art led me to receive a degree in Liberal Arts/Graphic Design in New York State. After a couple of years, I felt that I was not completely fulfilled with where my creativity and life was going.

 In 1991, I decided to go back to school for Cosmetology. This opened many doors for me as I continued to create my life.

The move to Florida and Corporate Life

In 1995, I decided that New York was not for me. So, I moved to Florida and  
continued my career in Cosmetology. Choosing the career as an Artistic Director in West Palm Beach, kept me moving and creating! I traveled to salons to educate stylists in hair cutting skills and business. 

Creating My first book and Discovering my Passion for Photography and Writing

I eventually discovered that I was not satisfied or fulfilled working for a corporation. My goal was to work for myself, so that I could make endless opportunities to create more with no restraints!
 In the year 2000, I finally copyrighted and published “The Four Most Common Haircuts That Anyone Can Master.”  A dream that took 10 years in the making with many roadblocks in between. This gave me the opportunity to utilize my Graphics degree, and self teachings in both of my fields. I wrote, self published, illustrated, edited, printed, marketed and sold my first 1000 copies. During this time, I also discovered my passion for photography and Therapeutic writing. I was still moving, working and creating to build bigger goals! 
Creation of Lisa Marie’s Creative Hair Design
I decided to move to a much smaller town in Brevard County, Florida. Here, I opened a personalized one-on-one zero drama salon. ”Lisa Marie’s Creative Hair Design”, gave me the power to create the environment that I wanted.
I specialized in services such as haircuts, color, highlighting, waxing, and facials. I also taught classes from outlines in my published book to anyone wanting to learn how to cut hair including all levels of stylists. I donated my time, services and products to the Women’s Center of Brevard, The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter and more.
 After 2 years, I was able to expand and add an additional room to my salon. It was designed to escape from the stresses of the outside world. I wanted to incorporate all of my artistic talents to help clients relax, meditate, find peace, and take refuge.
Soon, I would meet James and we would continue this journey together!

Working Together

Creation of “The Holistic Refuge” 
With the help of James (Infinite EcoClean), my dream became a reality.
Inside the refuge, James built an enormous customized screen to view my Therapeutic Photography while experiencing Guided Imagery and Sound Therapy. I incorporated my Signature Handcrafted Therapeutic Beauty Products, Therapeutic Writing, Light Therapy, Salt Therapy, Aromatherapy and Personalized Spa Services to complete the Escape and make the experience as real as it could be.
The Creation of The Holistic Refuge, “opened another door” in both mine and James’ life.
From here, we continued to create and grow together!
Creation of “Extreme Makeover Home Body Mind”  
James and I both shared the same dream as children of helping a women’s shelter. So, we decided to make it happen!
In 2014 Our creation of “Extreme Makeover Home Body Mind” fulfilled that dream. 
We approached The Women’s Center in Brevard County, with our idea. 
This day of Pampering for a chosen family took place every few months. While pampering a family in my salon, James coordinated a day of cleaning at their home, and a dinner with a participating restaurant free of charge for the family. 
The family was pampered all day, went to dinner, then arrived home to a clean house! They were refreshed and renewed. 
Both of our businesses continued to grow and succeed here in Florida.
I will now catch you up on James!

About James

“When I was 13 years old, I took my first job in construction. I felt driven toward work at an early age, pushing myself and exerting my energy toward one goal or another. I was always eager to take on any task. I always enjoyed working in customer service, and did what it took to leave people satisfied.

Starting a Franchise

In 1991, I helped start a National Carpet Cleaning Franchise in Texas. I learned a lot about the franchising industry and running a business. I realized how much I loved business and wanted to be my own boss.

Creation of Custom Carpet Repair

In 1992, I started my first Company in Dayton, OH. Traveling downtown Dayton Ohio to get my business permit at a young age was nerve wracking! Though, I knew it had to be done to reach my goal. I marketed without the internet, traveled door to door to carpet stores, and did local print advertising to build my business. I did what it took to run a successful business.

Opening and Running Franchise #2

In 1996, Moving back to Texas, gave me the opportunity to actually open and run a National Carpet Cleaning Franchise on my own. I started out doing everything from the physical work to the ordering, billing, inventory, marketing and consulting by myself. As business grew, I needed to put my facilitating skills to use. I then hired employees to help make the business grow and succeed to another level. This business opportunity reassured me that being my own boss, making extreme decisions, facilitating and having control over the marketing and consulting was my passion. Though, it also made me realize that I was not satisfied with the structure, restrictions, and guidelines of a Franchise. I did not like the fact that I had to give away a percentage of my hard earned money. I was not fulfilled. I wanted more freedom to use my talents, skills and creativity without restrictions.

Creation of Kustom Carpet Care

I started Kustom Carpet Care. This business was both commercial and residential. I offered carpet and air duct cleaning services, refinished wood floors, and also did fire and water restoration. I hired and facilitated a team, continued to market and still contributed to the physical work. While facilitating Kustom Carpet Care, I added landscaping services to take it to another level. Kustom Carpet Care gave me the freedom to use my talents, skills and creativity without restrictions!

Creation of Infinite Marketing Group

In 2010, I started Infinite marketing Group, a consulting business that helped grow small businesses. At this time, I also became state licensed as an HVACR Licensed Contractor, in both Arkansas and Texas to open more doors for me.

My move to Florida

One of my dreams was to live on the beach. So, in 2012 I decided it was time to move to Florida. I continued to offer my expertise as an entrepreneur and business consultant. Here, I united with Lisa and we became a Team! We combined our business knowledge, talents and skills to move forward together stronger and faster.

Creation of Infinite EcoClean

Infinite EcoClean was an eco friendly carpet cleaning company that one employee could operate effectively. Here, I also created and used my own products. I served the hotel industry, cleaning service industry, home health industry and even took on small and large jobs in construction. This business made it possible for our move to Arkansas.

Our move to Arkansas

As Lisa and I continued to grow, we moved forward by creating, and making our visions and dreams become reality together! In 2015, we decided to move to the next level. We both longed to own a piece of property far away from the rat race. After researching several different states and what was important to us, we discovered our dream property in Arkansas. We thought we were going to slow down and get a “normal” job after we had grown weary of the rat race. I took on a supervisory role at a large home improvement company, and Lisa took on the position as a stylist at a large corporation. We hated every moment of it. Again, realizing why we had never been a fan of big corporations. While Arkansas was all well and beautiful, we felt like our business knowledge was going to waste – and the oversight was a bear after all the years we had spent making decisions for ourselves. Knowing that we would have to start from a clean slate and grow successful businesses again, we knew inside that it would all be worth it. It was rough! Our hearts stayed strong, and we knew where we belonged. Both being entrepreneurs, we were planning and creating outside of our corporate jobs to make the next move.

Lisa continued to build her clientele while marketing herself non stop. I focused on making a mark wherever I went. Having my contractors License and HVACR License was not enough. I became an Energy Star partner, an ASHRAE member, and an InterNachi member, and I completed nearly fifty distinctive certifications, focusing on property inspections, indoor air quality for homes, businesses, and even schools, and Multiple EPA-run certification programs. Those months were dizzying. I always felt productive, turning from one challenge to the next. As soon as I had finished one certification program, I was onto the next one. Although the work tired me out, I knew that I could look inside myself for virtually endless stores of energy. A voice from deep inside urged me onward, assuring me that no matter how hard I pushed myself, I could still go further. I was confident that I was on the right path, and before long, an idea came to me, striking me like a bolt of lightning and leaving me frenzied for the future.

Creation of 833HeFixedit I launched 833HeFixedit as a construction and handyman business and have been cultivating it into my Franchise Concept. The 833HeFixedIt Business Platform is now coming together! The goal at 833HeFixedIt is ambitious: to revolutionize the franchise world. I want to help entrepreneurs that feel like they are spinning their wheels and can’t get ahead. So, for those who are willing to put in the necessary work to become successful and earn a respectable income with the help of 833HeFixedIt’s business platform, dreams will come true, one success story at a time.

Creation of 833LisaMaries There was no time to waste, so we worked odd hours to build the perfect salon for Lisa. Lisa, then launched 833LisaMaries. She is currently licensed in Arkansas, and maintains licenses in New York, and Florida. She continues to Create Hair Designs, offer facials and Handcraft All Natural Therapeutic Products that she offers in salon and online.

Lisa and I have continued to build our dreams and make them happen together.

Creation of The Holistic Refuge Ranch

From Our Beginnings, you can understand how The Holistic Refuge Ranch has been cultivated! Over the years, our ideas, talents and skills combined have given us the advantage to reach our next goal of Raising Tiny Homes and UniverSoul Therapies!

To be continued…